From Employee to Manager: Shifting Your Career Into a Managerial Role

As a tech professional, you’ve mastered the art of writing code, building websites or helping others solve technical issues. You’re passionate about your work, but now that you’ve spent at least a few years on the job, you’re ready for something more. Holding a managerial role is a huge responsibility and frankly something that’s not… Read more »

Can Working Overtime Be Good for Your IT Career?

At some point in any IT developer’s career, he or she will be working overtime to complete a project. Working overtime certainly benefits the project, especially if it gets everyone back on schedule. But working overtime can also benefit your career as a whole. Here’s how working overtime can be good for your IT career:… Read more »

What Areas of Expertise Do Tomorrow’s IT Specialists Need?

Information technology (IT) is an ever-changing field. Since the field’s beginnings, IT specialists have needed to be quick learners, systematic thinkers, and innovators. While these qualities haven’t dropped from the list of top IT specialist abilities, the areas of expertise in which IT specialists need to have a working knowledge continue to evolve. Here are… Read more »