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Retaining the best talent seems to be a growing issue within the world of Information Technology. Employees seem to be less interested in salary numbers, and increasingly interested in opportunity for career growth, work/life balance, and so on. So how do you keep your best IT Talent? Create Learning Opportunities Providing employees with the opportunity… Read more »

Artificial Intelligence has made incredible strides within the staffing industry making sourcing, interviewing, and hiring candidates more efficient than ever. How Does Artificial Intelligence Benefit The Staffing Industry? The use of AI, in terms of sourcing and hiring candidates, allows a company’s workforce to be significantly more efficient and effective. AI allows candidates quicker access… Read more »

Chances are, you’ve heard the latest tech buzzwords “blockchain,” “cryptocurrency,” and of course, “Bitcoin.” Read on for a basic overview of what they mean and why they matter to employers and job-seekers. Blockchain A distributed database that’s shared thousands of times across a network of computers. The records or “blocks” are linked to one another… Read more »

Marquee Workforce Solutions is pleased to announce that Chris Kappes will join our team as Senior Executive Vice President. In his new role, Chris will be responsible for building client relationships and developing new business in the information technology and engineering sectors. Chris has over 20 years of staffing experience, specializing in aerospace, medical device,… Read more »

High-performing IT departments are a critical factor in the success of many companies. In an organization with proprietary systems, each department’s results rest on the IT department’s ability to keep programs functional. Even when in-house systems are not the tech backbone of a company, tech resources are still foundational. IT employees ensure networks function efficiently… Read more »

The IT department is a critical component of any large company, and nowadays, an increasing number of small and mid-sized businesses are acquiring internal technical staff. The job of these professionals is not limited to just keep computers working in every cubicle. In reality, the role of IT has expanded to include data management, security,… Read more »

Orange County has developed into a highly productive tech powerhouse, and multiple investment firms have focused on new and emerging tech-driven businesses in 2017. To find out the reason why Orange County investors are focusing their attention on technology, check out Marquee Workforce Solutions article that was recently published in the Orange County Business Journal… Read more »

Professional presentations are those that win bids, land jobs, impress executives, and ultimately increase the bottom line for many employees and companies. Individuals have to take steps to make the entire presentation professional, which means dressing for the occasion as well as preparing well in advance. To make a presentation stand out from the crowd,… Read more »

Information Technology is one of the hottest professional industries in the market. Companies in many fields need some level of IT support to maintain computer systems and programs. IT is also a great field to enter because it pays well and is growing quickly, and the need for security, data and networking professionals isn’t likely… Read more »